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“If you had told me about God a few years ago, I highly doubt you would have had my full attention. I knew God exists but I had many unanswered questions. If not that, the lifestyle I was living stopped me from getting to know this God. Why would this God listen to someone like me ?

There came a point in my life when I realised that the lifestyle I was living never fully satisfied me. I tried all the things you could imagine, none of them filled the missing piece. After that realisation, I started seeking answers. I took it upon myself to get to know this God. Things slowly started to change, it’s as if He was saying ‘Welcome home Joél Thika’.

On my journey, I found out that God sent His Son to die on the cross for me. I found out that Jesus is really who He claims to be. I found that true peace and joy can only be found in Him. It is no coincidence that Jesus said ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’. I’m not perfect but I can honestly say that the missing piece has been filled.

Here’s my promise to you, If you shut out the critics and seek Him for yourself, I promise He’ll reveal himself to you as well.” #JesusStillSaves

“God didn’t meet me in school or at home and definitely not in the club. We met at my office desk through my best friend who was telling me what I had suppressed for years- I was in pain.
Clueless about who I was, I tried my hardest to reflect everyone I met back at themselves; like a walking mirror. Now someone was standing in front of that mirror searching for the person holding it up. This erupted my comfort zone which had been untouched throughout the years of my alcoholic mother passing whilst my Muslim father became a single parent of 3 young children.
My best friend and I, had this same conversation for 4+ years, but this was different. She had renewed life standards. They were God’s standards. I was ready to sprint into the spare room of my comfort zone and bolt the door. I thought God belonged in exam halls and hospital walls. Yet my best friend put on the armour of God and kicked down the door of my comfort zone. I was introduced to a God who thought I was worth saving, that I was to die for! All He wanted was my broken heart, knowing my entire life would follow.” #JesusStillSaves
IMG_2812.jpeg“My name is Paul Traynor, I’m 44 yrs young. I’m father to two sons & most recently a grandson. I’ve been married to my beloved wife for 17 yrs. On 01 02 11 I made the best choice any person can or will ever make, I gave my heart & life over to the Lordship of CHRIST JESUS. This is testimony, in brief.
My dad left my mum whilst she was pregnant with me, he walked out on his young family & left mum struggling to raise three children alone (I’ve never met him). As a coping mechanism mum turned to alcohol & a string of abusive relationships. Aged 5 a family friend began sexually abusing me & this continued for 3 years. I am in no way trying to justify the terrible way I went on to live my life or the terrible pain I caused many people. However I do believe that the physical, sexual & emotional abuse of those first 8 yrs of my life, shaped me.
Aged 10 having been expelled from school, I joined a notorious gang, I started taking alcohol & drugs & committing petty crime. By the time I was 17 yrs I was dealing drugs, doing armed robberies, kidnap, extortion, you name it I done it. I continued to live my life like this for the next 20yrs. I spent many years in many prisons & also became “hopelessly” addicted to heroin & crack. My long suffering wife & kids left me, I became homeless. By 2011 I’d not seen my wife, kids or immediate family for over 2yrs, the drugs had really taken there toll & I’d become depressed & suicidal.
And it was in that state with tears streaming down my face, I fell to my knees & cried out to GOD. The encounter I experienced with GOD that night is beyond words. HE took the weight of the world from my shoulders. The shame, pain, guilt, bitterness, resentment & despair lifted & CHRIST wrapped me in HIS love & saturated me in HIS peace. HE healed me of my 20yrs addiction & love of sin & darkness. He restored my marriage & family & so much more. GOD gave me purpose & direction. In 6yrs by GOD’S grace in CHRIST I founded a successful charity, was ordained as a minister, appointed chaplain of Gideon bibles int & run my own business. To GOD be the glory Forever. Beloved with GOD all things are possible. Be encouraged. Much love” #JesusStillSaves
“One thing I really struggled with was my sexuality, and if anger were personified, it would’ve been me. At the peak of dealing with an identity crisis, age 12, I got myself into a relationship. Little did I know how my life would change with the lifestyle I found myself involved in. I knew hanging around with them was wrong but I loved the adrenaline that came along with the lifestyle. As soon as the relationship was over, the friends who came along with the relationship also left. I felt lost. To make things worse I saw myself getting falsely blamed for the hospitalisation of my ex. For weeks, my phone would flood with death threats. They knew my family, where I lived… I was paranoid. I hated constantly living in fear.
I eventually had enough and started thinking about solutions, but I felt helpless because of the person I had become. I was despised. My mother was ready to send me to boarding school abroad, and my school ready to kick me out. I started to think about suicide to quicken my death, but the thought of where I’d end up if I committed suicide scared me. I was pretty much destined for Hell. Yet, a soft voice in my head kept prompting me to pray. I kept ignoring it. I never had a relationship with God and honestly I didn’t care because I felt so far from this perfect God. But, finally I made the decision to give in to this voice and try this praying thing and if it doesn’t work out at least ‘I died trying’.
I remember walking upstairs to my room with the weight of the world on my shoulders; I got to my knees and broke down crying. This went on for an hour. During this hour God did surgery on my heart that was bruised from hurt and rejection, He sowed every broken piece with His indescribable Love. For the first time in my life I felt peace. I repented and gave my life to Christ, and 7 years later, only by His Grace I’m still in love with Jesus. His lessons in patience, forgiveness and love pushed me as my lifestyle transitioned, lessons that were hard to receive, yet moulded me into the person I am today.
There is hope and freedom in Jesus; He is the only one who can fill that void in your life!” #JesusStillSaves
“Born into idolatry, sinning like Adam and Eve. Ever changing formation in my family tree. I was practising festivals and rituals without any understanding. Losing myself to the world, partying the night away. Motivational speeches limited my happiness. Self help books became a bore, MY SPIRIT WANTED MORE.
Living as a Sikh eventually turned to seeking Christ. I rooted from confusion to finding the love of my life, GOD. From struggling to sacrifice secular music, revealing outfits and specific friends, gradually becoming uncomfortable with worldly trends. The closer I drew to Him, the more I wanted to be around Christians. Finally baptised in the spirit, the blessing came with torturous visions of my past, along with a command of exposing darkness in order to set myself free. I feared potential consequences for 7 years, patronised by the enemy’s voice “you’re a living disgrace”.
I later embraced the God-given confidence to inform my mother about her partner sexually abusing me from 13. I was kicked out and homeless for 3 months. God sheltered me through an amazing Christian household. Teaching me the importance of unity, commitment and love within a family. Relocating to a different city was in my destiny. Thank you Lord for this journey.” #JesusStillSaves
“Writing this testimony took a lot more time than I first imagined it would…Trying to find the words to describe the love that Christ Jesus has clothed me with is possibly one of the hardest things you could ask of me. I would go as far to suggest that it is impossible, quite frankly, there is no word in this world which can fully encapsulate the grace that God has gifted me with.
Home… That is what it feels like, I feel at home.
Now saying that is a miracle in itself, as for years I was spiritually and emotionally lost; while my body existed, my soul wandered aimlessly. I had force-fed it with fornication, destroyed it with drinking while having secret meetings with marijuana. I thought I could hide my hurt by blowing smoke to cover my eyes… How wrong I was. Jesus, the light of the world (John 8:12), who is more radiant than the sun, pierced through the clouds. He saved me, not by my merit but by his mercy. Here is the good news: Christ will use your mistakes to showcase his miracles! Your story still has pages. It has been just over 1 year since I committed myself to God and since then: I have gone from a low achiever to a first-class student, from smoking on Sundays to giving sermons, re-establishing a relationship with my mother and most recently… I got BAPTISED!
Today, stop wandering and start walking with Jesus Christ and he will introduce you to home.” #JesusStillSaves

“Ikeja, Lagos 1998, aged 3. My first encounter of sexual behaviour was in the hands of a child, my family maid -10 years my senior… childs play. What happened then stuck with me forever.

5 years later and the enemy began to use my curiosity and seeds planted years before to usher in the sin that plagued my teenage years. I became curious and fascinated with sexual actions. By this stage, I had not yet seen any pornography, but from a few scenes on tv, I was able to form a mental picture of a fantasy type of love which excited me.

I stumbled upon porn in Feb 2010 by accident. School had been cancelled for the day, and I was browsing the net when a pornographic website popped up on the screen. I became hooked. The ‘intimacy’ and idea of having someone ‘long after you’, kept me watching porn. Because I didn’t understand love on God’s terms, I was willing to settle for inferior brands of love. And it didn’t just stop there. Before porn, It was a lack of self worth and curiosity, after porn came masturbation, sexual immorality and general indiscipline in other areas of my life. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I didn’t know how to stop, or who to tell. Growing up in the church, sexual sin was never mentioned. I felt isolated, ashamed and powerless.

In 2012, I had my first encounter with the Holy spirit. I waved goodbye to sexual immorality. But did the change come immediately? No. I had no one to be accountable to, my mind wasn’t being washed with scripture, I was still listening to and watching things that fed the flesh, I was ignoring the leading of the Holy spirit and above all I was relying on my own strength instead of relying on grace.

My change came as I started to understand and experience God’s love and grace. It came when I faced up to the reality of what I was doing and how destructive it is. My change wasn’t and still isn’t a one day event, but rather has been a culmination of falling down, and getting back up, then falling some more and getting up again. I thank God for delivering me from masturbation and sexual immorality, and I know that He WILL do the same for you!” #JesusStillSaves